How does the Soundcloud Feed work?

I follow a bunch of people of Soundcloud, but often the first time I see their tracks is when someone else re-posts it hours later.

Does the Soundcloud stream work like Facebook ie: just because you follow someone you may not see all their tracks?

For me, on desktop, the very first thing I see on the top of my stream is the latest reposted/posted track from anyone I follow.

I see that stream too… but that’s where the reposts appear before I get them directly.

Ah I see, maybe the times when you’re inactive on Soundcloud or asleep the creator uploads it, then by the time you’re awake a bunch of people have uploaded it. That’s what I think.

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I think this is right. You could post something yesterday, and if it got lost in the shuffle and someone reposts it today I would only see it today unless I carefully went through my whole feed

I think the SoundCloud feed is a mess in general and something they’re not prioritizing in their new experience (check the mobile app). My hunch is that it has a filter preventing the same track to be shown multiple times in the feed, and then you see the last version, which is then a repost.


That’s what I’d been assuming. Makes a lot of sense.

That’s correct