How does one recover a song that I may have accidentally deleted? - Solved

I have spent all weekend on this song and stuff and I don’t know what I was doing but I just deleted it and I was left with a feeling of emptiness.
FYI, my iCloud backups do not work because my phone is dumb.
I just really need a way to recover it.
Thanks for your help

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I have successfully been able to recover my song through some research. For future reference, if anybody loses a song, they can go into their files and restore the song from its last save. You may not find it at first but just search the name of the song whilst in your files and multiple backups should come up.

Yupper - iCloud Drive > Auxy > Backups.

Be mindful if you have songs saved with samples the samples will not be stored in these backups, for that to happen you have to explicitly export the project. You could save it anywhere on iCloud though once you do that.

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