How do your thoughts influence your song? Do you rely on previous experience of what works, or do you try to create something new?


Try to be mindful during the creation process, and try to break previous patterns you have set for yourself so that you can keep things fresh. I want to spark discussion on our personal workflows and how we can iterate on it to become better producers.


Before I make music, I go on a random word generator, and i find a descriptive word, and try to create a vibe for that specific song. I did it with my latest original song, I got the word “crazy.”


Thats a good idea


I usually listen to songs and think, that sounds cool! I’m going to try to remake that, but add my own spin on it. As for emotion, I don’t base it off of how I feel, I base it off of how I want my listeners to feel, which is why most of my songs are up beat.


Yeah, I use it as a learning experience as well. Studying what they did and why! It’s really helpful


Yeah, I agree. Sometime I’ll listen to a song like four times. Each time I focus on one thing and tune everything out, like I’ll listen to just the drums, or just the bass line.


I use certain elements from different songs of mine and try to transform them into something else. But also I do like to start something from scratch. There’s a problem with this though, starting from scratch for me is really difficult lol sometimes I get to used to the music I make that it’s tedious for me to start something new. Wonder why this made me take a break from auxy :thinking:


I feel you. What I reccommend is to take a loop from one of the demo tracks, change the pitch, and go with the vibe, create your own song. Edit the loop.


I try to base my tracks purely off of a sound/instrument within the track itself. That way each track has a different vibe and groove. However, i try to keep in mind that i should make it somewhat structurally similar to other tracks that i’ve made so it can still be recognised as my music. That being said, i am still guilty of reusing drums from another track to save time lol.


I usually attempt to start clean slated on each track. Make silence become something different and new to me, something that reminds me of nothing else. I don’t know if I’m ever successful from the perspective of others but I can only see my point of view.
It’s pretty emotionless at first but as it builds it take a shape and I try to push a narrative, but I’m pretty dark minded, so most of my stuff is well, pretty dark. Although I see it as fun and light creations really. It’s just fiction in waves and can be what anyone wants to see it as.


I make something different and catchy every time which leads me to a new light of music in which I can combine the past with the future.