How do you upload to soundcloud?

Do you upload straight to soundcloud like me? Do you convert it into an audio file first? I am just curious because I don’t know how people upload without the black labels.


I used to save as m4a’s back when I started out. Now I save as uncompressed wavs and go from there. Then I make a cover art and there we go.

Export to uncompressed wave and usually run it through Grand Finale. Then upload to SC from audioshare. Fix the art and stuff after the fact.

You can change the art from the default Auxy image if that’s what you’re talking about.

Do you have the latest version? If so, you can upload with the option of choosing an album cover, then your track will be ready!

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That’s what I always do.

When I’m not lazy I airdrop uncompressed to my Mac and open in Logic

I go straight into sc cuz I’m bad lol


i upload straight to soundcloud because i don’t care about the quality of my audio i am lazy