How do you make hardstyle synths and kicks?

i need help when im making my new tracks on the update because they got rid of some stuff
if anyone can help me if you are able to use the future pack and the normal sounds

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I would add any kick, and Owl to make it. Idk

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Oh I see, you have premium?

no i dont

Sorry changed the title. I’m a grammar cop lol :facepunch:t2:

eh that’s fine bro

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Owl (Full Tone And Shape) + Charge


i have the one month trial

Oh ok

so what can i use here?

Kick wise, I used to use North with full tone or whatever it is now.

Synth& the actual bass idk

well i have something that sounds not half bad
Grit full tone and shape and a quarter ducker and a custom drum kit

They didn’t get rid of anything. To get to the original drums, just select empty kit and recreate them.

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but JJX hardstyle sucks jks besides me really hating hardstyle (with a passion) the sound design is quite impressive yet still over rated imo: 909 kick, mid low and high frequency split, compression, EQ fundamentals, and then distortion, then back into an EQ to clean mud and then compress to finish it off.

so not that complex. I mean I tried making this and it sounded better when I added a chorus to I think the mid split. (back when I had FL) hope this helps. but yeah OWL and charges kick are the best. if not I got a really nice distorted kick that I would willingly give you.


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