How do you import samples?

Oh okay. I figured out how to do it on mobile using the Drive app.

It could be the actual app, maybe try reinstalling Auxy
(create a backup folder on your computer though)

It’s not the app.
There are no problems with the app

How @NotMiles? I also have an ipad here

I’ve had no problems using WAVs.

Thanks, trying that now

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Can you send me a link to boredom samples so I can open it on my ipad please

You betcha


Let me know if it works

BTW, even though NotMiles samples are good for him, when you try to use it you might run into an issue. I am working with Lowey on something and we shared a sample, it was cool for him but no good for me. Long story short, I needed to get the sample into AudioShare, concert it AGAIN then put it into Auxy. It absolutely requires an uncompressed wave file, and it can’t be some other format like LPCM (which is what our sample somehow became?)

Does someone know if it’s possible to import samples from your iPhone itself? (I don’t have access to my computer with iTunes right now)

Yes, you can do it direct from other apps. Otherwise, very difficult if not impossible without a computer because of Apple’s lovely “walled garden” approach :frowning:

AudioShare back in the day had a built in web browser that let you download stuff direct into the app from a web page but that’s long gone RIP

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Gotta love Apple :joy:

The ampify/Novation stuff plays VERY nicely. Groovebox, blocs wave and Launchpad I’d assume too.

Also, exporting out of GarageBand works with no problems either. Obviously just make sure you keep the samples under 10sec. New track I’m working on uses both GB and blocs wave for some sample sources (loop based)

someone should figure out how to put sounds into auxy from medely

I need help on getting some samples. First off I don’t have a computer ikr, and what app do I need? I just don’t really know anything or what to do please help

Did I mention I love this forum? :joy::joy::joy: