How do you get your tracks recognized?

Just wondering. how do you get your tracks out there? Do you submit them somewhere and wait for a repost? Or do you just sit and wait for people to listen?

On some of my new tracks, I would like for them to be more recognized, and I bet others want their tracks recognized too :slight_smile:
What works for you?


I tried this and it didn’t work, but I will try again :slight_smile:

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is amuse for ipad

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I think so…

I have it on my ipad, I downloaded it on my phone, then got it off the cloud on my Ipad

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There isn’t really a fast-lane towards recognition. Most of it is just releasing quality work consistently, and being patient.

You can submit tracks to promotion channels on YouTube, but I would never submit to anywhere that asks for a fee unless they’re a well-known and reputable brand.

Another way is to follow people on SC and leave some comments. A lot of the time they’ll notice that, and check you out in return.


Go beyond auxy, that’s probably the best way to get more recognized. Use things to EQ the track, as people not in the auxy community always say the eq of auxy is muddy (although I fail to see why but that’s just my experience). It takes time, but moving beyond the small pond is the one way to get recognized. It’s something I’m going to be working towards soon. Auxy will always be my home, but music shouldn’t be bound by one app.


I made a remix of Fragment by Moemx - I was debating on whether or not I should post a thread on the disco to advertise it, do you guys think I should? Or would that just be spamming?


Both online and in real life.

Also, don’t be afraid to send to your stuff to people.
Many of the higher profile radio/podcasts I listen to regularly play unsigned music.



The Auxy listening community is good, but it’s certainly the long and slow route to real traction.
I’d reckon that one repost from a good influencer outside the community will do more to promote you than a repost from everyone here combined.

(No offense meant to anyone. It’s just the nature of this place. We’re kinda all following each other, so there’s not much spread/reach.)

It’s also good to have realistic expectations. It can take years before you get solid traction.
Anyone who can get it done in less time is either very well connected or very lucky.

‘Waiting’ to be discovered is the slowest, least reliable option. (If you want traction, it’s not an option.)

So, if you really want it to happen, you’re gonna need to put the work in on promotion too. That activity is gonna have to sit right alongside your music making.


Ask promotional YT channels.

Another thing I’m considering doing is asking a few different youtubers if they’d like to use my music as background music.

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Seconded. Can’t hurt, but can really help.

I’m reminded of this video, where they talk about Mura Masa’s profile boost after being promoted on Majestic Casual.

It’s helpful is to identify the most relevant ones. Some are generalist, while others are genre-specific.

Understand their playlist. Would your track fit comfortably in that playlist?
Try submitting to the best matches first.

Also, look into their preferred way of submitting. Some have a website with a submission form (e.g. MrSuicideSheep.)

(Keep in mind that they probably receive hundreds of submissions each day.)


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LANDR Blog: 8 Ways to Actually Get Heard On SoundCloud
LANDR Blog: How to Get on a Playlist: The 8 Step Guide to Doing It Yourself


I just took a very quick look at the last few tracks you posted on SC – and I can see one major problem straight away.

You’re using all the Auxy and AP-00X tags, that’s fine.
But, where are the genre tags? Zero genre tags.

If you’re uploading from iOS, you will need to go in and edit the listing afterwards, to add all the most relevant tags – primary genre, secondary genres, etc…

Check out the ‘Tagging for Success’ section in the article above.

Without the genre tags, listeners won’t know what you’ve got and, unless they know you, probably won’t click on it.

Equally importantly (if not more importantly), the automated algorithms used by SC won’t know what genre your track is, so it won’t be inserted into any auto playlists and automated recommendations, such as ‘The Upload’, ‘related’ tracks, and stations.

The SC user with the most followers to Like any of my tracks is not an Auxy user, as far as I can tell.
I’m pretty certain without the right tagging, I’d be getting zero plays outside this community.

(I don’t get that many anyway, but you understand my point, I’m sure.)