How do you get more people to listen to your music?

It may sound like a silly question but I have a few tracks on my soundcloud with the highest viewed track at 18 views. I’m not trying to generate money from my music, I just want more people to listen and provide me with feedback so I can develop further as a producer.




How do you do that…


I don’t understand


If you’re an auxy producer, a good way to promote your music is by sharing it on the disco, entering it in contests, etc. More ways for people to click on it. Im not an expert though, so don’t lisen to me :wink:


Okay… I do make a thread on literally every single song so



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Providing feedback for sure, being engaged with others here. Participating in the various contests definitely helps.

Outside of here, spread your work around. Post on the Audiobus forum, other music forums (not even just mobile music, the line is getting very blurry nowadays). Make sure you tag your uploads on SC accurately and with as many tags that make sense (I find a good chunk of the plays I do have come from their “related songs” algorithms, which I presume SC bases on genre and tagging).


Here are some strategies I’ve used:

  • Make sure to put tags on your music, as many as make sense, this will bring streams from stations and related tracks.

  • Send your music to people! Really! Most people are fine with it. If they don’t get back to you, then let them be, but many people, including me, are happy to listen and even potentially give feedback.

  • Participate in the community, name recognition is important, the more people know your name, the more likely they are to open your threads and tracks.

  • Browse SoundCloud, both within the Auxy community and other artists and be supportive! Be sure to leave a lot of likes and comments, people will often return the favor and it will also bring more traffic to your profile if people see you around.

  • Join Discord servers, there are a bunch here for the Auxy community but also many others out there. Take advantage of any promotion or feedback channels accordingly.

Hope this helps!


The obvious solution here is to keep your own tracks on repeat using a different account until you buildup hundreds of plays.

No but fr it took me a very long time before I got plays of any significance and even then they aren’t ever consistent and not usually very high.

But Definitely do all the things the guys above have suggested.


Advertising is good. Of course, we don’t want to advertise on every single forum thread. I’m pretty sure that’s against forum rules anyways.

But, I guess it comes down to patience. People wander around listening to different sounds and styles. That’s how I get into most artists.
Also, as @iammane suggested, branch out! I upload my songs on both YouTube and SoundCloud, but not everything fits on SoundCloud (I’m not buying a membership subscription yet) so it’s nice to have other sites where you can upload more, like YouTube, which has pretty much infinite upload time. (Just be wary of the absolute garbage copyright system that YT has. Remixes can and will get striked and taken down. I can tell you that that has happened to me, and I have to wait until late August for the claim to expire.)

Sharing songs around with others also works. If you have friends and family who might enjoy it, send it to them! Ask them to maybe share it around with their friends! You’re bound to grow an audience somehow, even if they’re just people you know. They’ll still support you.

Good luck! :smiley:

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do what @blackocean says and join every discord server for music ever and post links
maybe contact content creators and see if they’ll use your music in the background
s h a r e
y o u r
m u s i c


What I would do is go around school writing my soundcloud name on all the whiteboards.

Better than nothing.


eat more tacos


B-but how? :o


Yeah everything track I release goes in like 10 different discords


Share it with people you know. Family, friends, teachers… anyone you think will be interested. Maybe they’ll like it and share it with others. I’ve noticed a few of my friends post links on their social media to tracks I’ve shown them that they liked. I’d definitely recommend starting by just spreading to people you know.


sent it to labels of that genre, send it to friends, known people. I showed to my teacher one of my songs and she shared it with his friends hahahaha that´s funny idk lol


which discord servers are you on and how do you find cool new ones to join??

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Once you’re in one discord server it’s pretty easy to find others through personal referrals and official label partnerships. For example, the Lunchbox discord might link to other discords that are part of the Lunchbox network in its information channel such as Ridgeline. It’s the domino effect in action.

It’s also a good strategy to go out and look for labels on SoundCloud–it’s a good bet that some of the bigger and more active ones will have an official discord server.

Then there’s the more annoying but still effective way of going onto certain discord servers called “Listing servers”, which is basically a place where everyone posts servers organized by type. You’ll have to sift through some of the inactive or less popular ones but you’ll get a good bunch for your efforts.

I’d recommend not to focus solely on discord servers though–a lot of people have the promotion channels muted and your track usually gets buried within the day or even a few hours. Focus on making legitimate connections with other artists and building an active, engaged, and dedicated audience. There are also other much more effective ways to promote yourself via. websites and networks such as Repost Exchange.

Here’s a list of servers that I personally frequent to get you started on your discord endeavors:

Phuture Collective Discord -
18k follower label with a weekly live feedback session.

BONSAI Collective Discord -
Run by Capshun, also largely involved with Phuture Collective.

LUNCHBOX Discord -
Like BONSAI, it has a channel for repost trading with other members.

Dreamscape Public -
High quality label, with a decently active discord community.

Radon Recordings -
Great for feedback and has a highly engaged community.

Remember to prioritize your long term loyal fanbase over anything. :wink:

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