How do you get exposure with Auxy?

:confused:Soooo,I have a pretty decent following on SoundCloud but no support from auxy or fellow Auxy users. I’ve been using and investing in Auxy for the last 2 years increasing my skills of creation. I want the creators to see how far they have taken their users.
house/techno/edm isn’t the only music that exists…:roll_eyes:


spread your sound all over various social media platforms. invest some time and maybe even some coin into promotions. participate in blogs, music discord servers, Twitter threads…

sadly no one just comes across and will build your foundation for you. make yourself heard :wink:


Hi! Agreed with @xavior as above - engaging around here. There also the Auxy Collective on Discord with quite a few folks from around here, and some from not around here.

If you’ve got a following on SC already you probably don’t need to worry much, but there’s plenty of friendly folks here to provide feedback and to and receive from.

There’s quite a few people not writing house/techno/EDM I think you’ll find :wink:


@xavior I think they meant from this community, not general promo. If you are looking for support from Auxy users and staff then participate in this forum and build relationships.


Just be super active on here


And I don’t mean just mean leaving a track here every once in a while, I mean actually having conversations and stuff with the people here.


I tried to find you on soundcloud, but couldn’t. So a good start is adding your sc link to your bio on here.

And as everyone’s been saying, engage in this community and this community will engage in you!


“I’ll pay you in exposure”

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Try joining discord servers like Frontier or Auxy Collective. You can meet people and interact there, which is the best way to get the community involved with your music.


What I do, (imo, please don’t hunt me down) is DM some famous Auxians your projects and/or join a bunch of music-related discord servers and promote your music there.

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Why would famous Auxians want project files?

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Since when did I said files?

It doesn’t help that you don’t have a SoundCloud link on your profile, I can’t find you on SoundCloud by entering your name, and all of the links you have posted on here don’t work anymore…

You also don’t really interact with anyone here, judging by your “most replied” on your profile

What did you mean by “projects” then? I’m honestly confused .3.

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  • Message people. Don’t DM spam people your links, that’s almost always a bad idea – building actual relationships with people works a million times better, so people don’t think you’re just there to get their reposts. And I don’t say this primarily as a technique just to get plays; it can be useful for so many other things. Just know that people will be a lot more positively disposed toward you if your limited Internet relationship is more than just repost trading.
  • As for specific forum engagement – posting your links unfortunately won’t do much. You may get support from a couple super dedicated members but overall you won’t grow too much. See point #1!

I completely agree with everyone. Auxy is full of talented young egar artists who strive to be #1.
I wanna build relationships and collab with my fellow Auxians and take thinks far… check out my like to see if I’m an artist you would want to potentially work/collab with…Noto- No Privacy


@Nativesounds If you’ve got completed tracks please follow the guidelines on How to post your tracks. I’m gonna button this up because I think you’ve gotten some good answers, welcome, and looking forward to hearing your work :slight_smile:

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