How Do You Balance Your Music

How do you balance making music and school/work/home life (whichever applies to you)
I’m finding it kinda of hard right now and I really want to continue making music but I’ve been finding it hard lately what’s your tip?


I was tempted to close this, but, it’s tangentially related to production. I think this is a legit life question.

It just comes down to prioritization, and timing. I work on music usually on my commute. I work 9 hours a day and commute 4 (so 13 hours per day during the week). I’ve got two young kids at home (2 and 6) so the weekends are just go time with them. At night I like to just relax after the day is done, so I don’t do any work during the night either.

The important thing is to prioritize - don’t neglect things that are really important (family, work, etc) - perhaps shift time from activities that aren’t as important to production (ie, I spent a lot of time playing computer and consoles games and never really do that anymore, that time was re-allocated to music).

Anyways, just my two pence. We’re just lucky we have these mobile devices to do this stuff because if we didn’t, just straight up wouldn’t have time to work on music.


it is really hard. i somehow find time to produce while working 40+ hours a week. i just do it whenever i am inspired and auxy really helps to get ideas down that come to me at work when im not near my pc.


That’s super helpful
(Sorry about where I placed this though I was kind of out of it this morning and didn’t even think about it clearly)
I’m definetly going to try that thank you I think there are a few things I could cut off to make time for my music so I’ll try that from now on!

That’s honestly amazing I have no idea how you do that and produce awesome music (I’m a big fan) I usually have a lot of ideas when I’m away from my phone and technology in general and then I forget once I try to create my thought in Auxy😂

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I don’t lol
I barely have enough time to work on music :man_shrugging:

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For me, sometimes putting music on the back burner is the best for creativity


You have to think about it in terms of what you can control.

You can’t control the important, pressing things you have to do in your life. For some it may be a job, for some it may be academics, for some it may family life.

The key thing to focus on is those chunks of time that you have input into. That hour you spend watching youtube or playing video games–consider replacing a section of it (or the whole chunk of time) with music production instead.

Some people’s lives may genuinely be too busy for music production to have a spot in it, but for most of us here, a little rearranging of some of the leisure activities we never took into account should do the trick. :wink:


Freetime. Pick 1:

  • Make music on Auxy
  • Watch TV/Netflix/Youtube
  • Browse mindlessly on social media
  • Sport/Hobby/Recreation
  • Have a social life that involves seeing your close (also busy) friends more than once a month
  • Take care of your pets/children/dependants entertainment and needs properly.
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I would say a regular scheduled time really helps me. It gives me something to look forward to and a structure when I don’t feel very inspired as is the case tonight. To be like well, its the half hour set aside for auxy might as well use this time to hash through some old stuff or just get on the disco and get inspired or try and help with others inspiration

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Whenever I have free time, I do a thing. That thing is Auxy sometimes.

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That’s definitely true I have found myself getting sucked into the internet and then wondering what I was about to do in the first place, replacing this time with audio production would br much more productive. (Sorry about that bad pun)

Cool! For some reason I nevwanna r thought about a schedule thanks I think this will be really helpful!