How do I upload tracks to Spotify?

more important: can I upload tracks to Spotify?



Worth checking out this thread…

Also, there are many articles online reviewing and comparing options/services…



I find a helpful article, which covers the ways to add local files to Spotify, you can visit it to see it can work well for you here: How to Add Local Files to Spotify
Besides, Spotify allows free users to do this. No need to upgrade to Spotify Premium, you can upload tracks to Spotify.

Hi, @JunneMendes

To be clear, that isn’t really uploading files to Spotify.

It’s a way to use Spotify as a music player app for your local files, including making them available on your mobile devices.
Only you will be able to play those local files.

thanks <3 has always been a good option, they’ve changed a few things as of late but it still works nicely

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