How do I track changes in a project eg: For collab/remix?

If I let someone remix or add stuff to one of my projects, how would I be able to see what they do to it? Would they have to send it to me, or is there some type of special feature on auxy that lets me see all edits made by a different user? How do I know what they are doing to my project? lol

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For sure they need to send it back, you’ll never know otherwise. Even then it’s still tricky because you’d be A/B comparing your original version with the sent back version, unless they kindly use labels on the arrangement section. It’s easy enough to see new instruments and stuff.

Last time I did a collab we sent eachother PMs to say what we added/removed etc, plus with labels in the track, so it was pretty easy to keep track. If you were doing a multi-person collab that might be a little trickier

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Yeah, I see what you mean…
So, besides that, auxy has no feature of some sort that notifies you what was changed or anything?

Nope, no such animal :frowning:

Animal? Whatever do you mean by that?

lol it’s just a saying, same thing as saying it’s just not like that :slight_smile:

OHHhhhhh!!! I didn’t know! @Auxy should make a feature like this, don’t you agree? PM’s are nice and all, but a feature like that would greatly improve the rate of collaborations!!

You can just say what you changed, and maybe change the name of the instrument to their name.

But, don’t you think that it would be much easier to have a feature that highlights the changes for you?

Yeah, but unecessary.

Well, maybe I’m lazy, but I think it would be great having a feature like that!

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