How do I move songs from Apple Account to Apple Account?

Ok, So I switched Apple ID’s on my phone, and then went onto Auxy later but to my surprise, all of my data (Songs, Backups, etc) we’re gone! (I’ve been working on a large project lately and this really disappointed me :/) So I knew I could come to you guys to see if you could help??

Don’t worry all your projects and backups are still present in your previous Apple ID.
The thing you need to do is just copy Auxy Folder from Previous ID to Newly made Apple ID.
To do so you will need PC or Mac and iCloud Software

  • Login with your previous Apple ID
  • Download Auxy Folder to Desktop
  • Now Logout and Login with New Apple ID
  • Drag and Drop Auxy Folder and wait for it to be uploaded that’s it.

You can do it with iPhone but it’s very time consuming


Apple account 1: make link
email self link
Apple account 2: open link

I think he’s talking about all of his projects…

Exactly what @Sonic_Star said is how I’d go about it

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Thank you so much! Ill be sure to use this!

Ok so I found the folder, but I have no idea how to download it to my desktop…

Upload the folder and its contents to something like Dropbox or, and then download it from there.

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You can’t download the whole folder from unfortunately, it’s easier if you download iCloud client for windows or if you have a Mac then it’s just gonna be in your finder. If you go the route you gotta download each file individually :confused:

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I had this problem recently too, I ended up using AirDrop

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Sure Go Ahead !!

You will need iCloud Software as well,
As soon as u install it for the first time and login with your Apple ID on your PC/Mac
It will start syncing everything on your computer
Everything will be downloaded as it is on iCloud on your Desktop
No Hurdle …Very Simple
You might be using iCloud website to do so that’s why not download option and will not even sync
But here’s a still a Trick while using iCloud website
Just Drag the Folder from iCloud to anywhere on Desktop and it will start downloading :sunglasses:

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