How do I get a track that I made from Auxy get reposted by Auxy?

this might sound stupid but does anyone know how do i get a track i made from Auxy get reposted by Auxy? I don’t know if @Auxy hates me or is just overwhelmed by the amount of very talented producers here in the Auxy Community but idk just wondering



There’s a lot of theories about how to get reposted. Some involve ritualistic animal sacrifice, some involve praying to the gods of RNG, some involve a multitude of other things.

Some things that can help though are connecting with bigger Auxy producers and asking for help/feedback, to get yourself on their radar. That has seemed to have an impact. Other things involve working in big collaborations across the community, those tend to get highlighted to showcase the app accordingly.

Really, the Auxy repost system is intended to be a showcase of the app’s capacities. If you got something really special, it’s more likely to get noticed as opposed to something done before.

This is all just conjecture though.


There’s no rhyme or reason, there’s no secret sauce.

It seems like an account used by the devs to post music they like that also happens to be created using Auxy. It doesn’t mean stuff not reposted is bad. It’s the same reason I won’t (and you won’t and anyone won’t) listen to certain genres, just for example - you like what you like, and that’s that pretty much :slight_smile:

There’s no tea leaves to read here is what I’m saying. The best bet is regular engagement with other musicians who will help spread the word about you, and also to engage any fans you do have. Updates, blogs, contests, live streams etc etc etc.




The best part is, I IMMEDIATELY heard this kind of music in my head and I laughed out loud haha. So, proof in the puddin’ y’all


Getting reposted by Auxy seems to be a common goal here, despite their modest ~3400 follower count.
Nickelback on the other hand, has ~73600 followers.

I think the real question we should be asking ourselves is:
How do I get a track that I made from Auxy get reposted by Nickelback?


Wouldn’t be surprised if half the people here don’t even know who Nickelback is


Yeah, makes me feel old for knowing…


Would people not know?


sacrifices works pretty well, along with hitting a phat whip in the mirror


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I’ve tracked the stat increase for 8 songs that were reposted by Auxy within the past couple months (from the first moment of reposting to 3 weeks later) and the results were not too outstanding to say the least (although this is expected given their follower count). I’ll have to fetch the data from my backup drive but it was something like 50-100 plays, 5-9 likes, 0-2 reposts, 2-8 comments, depending on the track.

Point being here that it might be more worth it to focus energy on getting reposted by different accounts / networks that will have a better shot at getting you exposure. A common method is to run your tracks through “repost chains”, which are essentially collections of accounts that will all repost your song (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and a 5k follower chain might be comprised of 5 1k accounts).

I have a chain which I use for The Auxy Collective (been a work in progress and we’re getting to some bigger numbers now) which reposts Auxy songs not only to Auxy users but to other audiences as well. Most label owners also own a repost chain and if you network with them and ask nicely they might run a track or two of yours through it.

So it’s something to consider.


aight I’ll take that into consideration

First of all. Don’t make that your goal. Make music because you want to for yourself first and foremost. Just get creative with the app, while also making something unique to Auxy.


Loving the process
Willingness and eagerness to learn
Easy to follow rhythm
Evolving melodies/drums
Smooth transitions
Good instrument choices
Structured sections
Trial and error (my personal favorite)


You just need to stand out and have it noticed that’s all

that video is a year old and it’s still iconic

roy purdy is literally a god