How do I fix my Artist's pfp on apple music?

What I’m trying to do is not edit my apple ID’s pfp, what I’m trying to do is access the account I’m managing(Produk) and edit his profile pic.
Cause I can fix my apple id’s just fine.
I just can acces his.
Help would be appreciated.

Yes I’m aware that this topic already exists, it just got drowned so I needed to make another one. Sorry.

I don’t have an Apple Music account yet, not until Jan 19… ;-;

Are you using amuse? I think you can edit it through there.

I don’t think that profile transfers to Apple Music.


Side question…

I notice that you have Sana and B down as your Firstname/Lastname. Doesn’t Amuse let you use an artist name separate from your real name?

(Or have you simply chosen not to put your real name in there’ll?)

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The screenshot I took is actually from your User Profile, where they ask for a real name and a first and last name is required (Sana B is not my real name :stuck_out_tongue:). But there is also an Artist profile, where they ask for your artist name, which is what will be displayed.

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Got it. Ta. :+1:

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@Produk ok now I see what you mean

I’m just a mic

Or just my song release