How did you make your logo?

I really want a logo i just dont know how to make one. How did you make yours?

Long, long.I did it with Phonto app

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I can make logo for you. Ok?

For my previous logo, I took a photo of the Chicago Skyline and put it in an oil painting filter (PicsArt app). Then, I added the text SB and put a blur around it. I played around with the opacity. Then, to make it match the background’s style, I put an oil painting filter on top of the text.


Same thing for my current logo, except I found this picture on Google. xD

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Just send me a message

If you want. My creator name is SUFOS. But maybe im gonna make my own at some point where i change it again but you can

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I’ll make it if you like

Just tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll try

Got a friend to draw it for me.
I don’t think he takes requests though.

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Prisma app. It turns pics into art.

Office PowerPoint.

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I just took a photo to the sky and with assembly I added the words

I used Gimp, it’s really good:)

I used Notability

Then I use adobe photoshop mix to finish it up

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g o o g l e

PicsArt amirite lolololol
what a pun

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can you make me a logo for my death metal band that i started