How could we improve collaboration?

I hope the “share project as link” feature has made collaboration easier. Do you have any ideas for how we could improve collaboration further? What’s creating the most friction when collaborating on a track today?


The project link is an amazing feature.

Maybe this is a lot to ask, but what if Auxy had its own messenger? Soundcloud’s iOS mobile app does not have messages yet sending project links through soundcloud still seems to be one of the best forms of correspondence. What I usually do is copy the link onto fb messenger on my pc and then open it on my iPhone. (Is that weird? What do you guys do?) Just a thought.


Good idea! If the forum turns out to be popular we might actually work it into the app at some point. That would offer personal message features too.


Just a thought here.

Maybe there could be an app that deals with all the side bits and things that make music making a lot easier and better.

Basically what I’m thinking of is a companion app, which encompasses this messaging idea, plus maybe addable sound effects or extras that people can use to enhance their song.

It does seem a bit far fetched and unneeded but the general idea of a companion one seems to be like a good one in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

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Yeah the main question is what we should have in the app and what should be kept external. E.g. SoundCloud is a good platform to have externally since it’s not just for Auxy users, but anything that is very relevant to the majority of Auxy users should probably live within the same app somehow.

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Maybe add a way to have a backup Cloud in case someone gets a new device or loses data on a device.

If you’re actively collaberating with someone on a specific project, it would be useful to have a small notepad on info page where you could list the things you changed or added to the project since it was handed to you.

I hear you… But doesn’t adding notes in e.g. a messenger that you’re sending the file with do the job? So that we don’t have to build a note pad and can focus on musical features. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ve got an idea…

The idea is: you can make a project for more persons, so you can work in the project with two persons at the same time. Maybe you can add a chat so you can discuss the project.

I hope this is useful. If it’s not, I tried at least…

This concept reminds me of when I work with others on google slide projects. An interesting way to collaborate; if it isn’t too complicated maybe it could be added?

You could make an additional part of the feed that has projects people have posted for download/collaboration and they could include a brief description of what they need, etc but I think the main issue is how does one keep track of all the different versions of projects and who did what and so on? I don’t really know the answer but I believe that’s the big question

Well when I collaborated with Decruz I created the platform of the song, the layout of what song is going to be. He then added to what I made. When we finnished sharing the project back and forth we made a pretty bad ass song. I say have an outlet of numerous platforms of songs where someone can just demo the song. If they feel they can really do a great job of finishing it they can contact the creator and they can start collaborating if they both agree it would work out together. I think this would be also a very great way for people to find more inspiration. A lot of my songs are inspired by what I create from the BTC because they force me to create something. Limitations can create so pretty amazing things. So if we all have a great network of public transactions people can still see what others are creating and find a hint of inspiration of each project they find. You can add a terms of agreement contract if by all means making people more comfortable to share their projects public to assure their trust from copyright.


I’m happy that at least someone likes my idea… :upside_down_face:

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I’m all about this

Just thought it would be interesting and an easier way to collaborate with others.

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Like how Figure uses Allihoopa but without the social network?

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Like in the menu, there could be a collabs tab in between the projects and the feed specifically for collaboration projects

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Great idea there man. I’d like a built in way to communicate with other auxy users and share my music with them.

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cant you just send project links?

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I did a design project last year on music collaboration. A lot of people I talked to really liked the idea of being able to post tracks and use tags to specify what they wanted help with (i.e. #lead or #chorustransition). There already is a way to share tracks to download into your Auxy in the feed. You could use this same function to let users post their compositions and ask for help and then have other people download the track and create their version, tagging the original artist in their version when uploading. I think this would be really fun because it’s more than just collaboration between 2 users who are already connected but collaboration in the community as a whole.