How about Auxy accounts!?

Ok guys lemme tell you all a story then ill get to my point. A while back before this great website auxy has, i had ALOT of tracks, good tracks too! I was so proud of them but felt i couldnt make these public anyway… i still kept them though. Then one fateful day, a force i couldnt control that did not have my hand in, had my auxy app with all of my tracks, deleted. Gone. I was pretty upset about this. Then an idea popped into my head.

What if we have auxy accounts!!? That way all of our songs will be on one profile. And if we have our app either deleted or just want to have our songs on a different device we could could just log RIGHT back in! Yes soundcloud can be used to store tracks. But what about unfinished things you want to have? Your not gonna post those on soundcloud. Anyway you guys tell me what you think. Heh. Hopefully lenberg or somebody acknowledges this. Welp. As always, Keep ona Rockin!:call_me_hand:t3:


Good idea!

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I think that our disco account should be linked with the actual app, so we can access the tracks from different devices


Nah, disco is too wonky for that. And would probably crash. I’ve had disco for two weeks and im still not verified. It should be a login function when you open auxy

I think the accounts should be separate, but you can link them. They are separated, just connected. Idk just an idea


So basically a cloud feature?


Cloud auto-backup with auto-sync on launch, please. Don’t care if it’s Auxy-owned or hooks up to a something like Dropbox. Something that allows me to flip between iOS devices seamlessly, rather than having to manually ‘archive’ a project, then go fetch it on the other device.

Either auto or a manual ‘sync’ feature, that slaps a notification badge on out-of-sync projects (checks at launch) and allows you either manually sync to the latest or (a setting) to auto-sync all projects when launching the app.



Best. Idea. EVER.
I have a lot of times where this would soooo come in handy. I even had a story just like yours.

Haha. I know its terrible

It would be even better if those accounts are linked with the forum accounts. Making your tracks public would be very easy.

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Or if it’s not something that Auxy devs can/want to develop, at least make Auxy compatible with iCloud backup. It seems feasible enough, although I’m a lamens. :slight_smile:

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True that

I think iCloud sync would be a lot more simple.

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Not everyone has icloud. Besides this would be for google play as well.

everyone with an iOS device has access to icloud



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hi :joy: