How About 3/4 time signature and electric guitars?

A lot of the songs I wanna remix have both of these things. Whaddya say guys?


@Dadmother Add this fella right here to the Electric Guitar List.

As for 3/4, it technically already exists, you just have to kind of work your way around some things to get it to work properly. A proper 3/4 button would be pretty easier for everyone, so I’m not saying I disagree!


I do all kinds of meter play in my tracks. I’ve got a track in 5/4 and tracks with 7/8 sections

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@FunKmasTahh What kind of electric guitars are you looking for? Like, sound quality-wise? Better yet. Shoot me a DM. I can send you some examples I’ve done :slight_smile:


Something thats kinda of like a future funk style

listen to this and you’ll see what im talking about

you hear the electric guitar in the bacground?

yeah, both of those are on the top of my want list atm.

can you perhaps shoot me a DM of an example of japanese rock guitar?

Ooooooo, I’ve been trying to nail down a funky guitar sound for a while myself. It’s difficult to capture, and I have yet to nail it. BUT I WILL CONTINUE TRYING

Cool dude!

Here’s my way to make the 3/4 or 6/8 signature happen:

3/4: You can set the note length of the lead instrument or percussion at 1/16 in a 4-bar template then try to sequence them as the way you want the song to flow. After that, in the loop section, set the loop in 3 bars instead of 4.

6/8: I did a song on 6/8 just by setting the note length at 1/12 in a 4-bar template without changing the actual looping bar to 3. I guess the reason for this is that the 6/8 time signature is usually applied to faster songs and has an even number of beats.

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