House Music In Auxy

Hi there friends! If you know me you may know that I LOVE house music and I’m wondering if there are any other house producers on Auxy. My genres are tech house/ bass house in case you where wondering. Thanks

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yeah there are lots of house producers in auxy (this is one of the most popular genres that people make, i think it’s around 3rd or 4th in terms of popularity)
but honestly i don’t know any house producers aside from assasinerd, azure onyxcore and tolberto (sometimes he makes house)

you can join ac discord and ask anything you want there, it’s much more active than auxy disco

invite link:

Ya… bout that…… I was sorta banned for spamming a bit but that was a while ago and I’m ready to try again. At the time I was pretty new to Auxy.

oh wait are you like completely banned?

ya… its kinda sad and no mods or admins ever respond