House drop megacollab?

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t been very active for a while and I’m not sure how much traction this idea will get but I was wondering if anyone at all was interested in doing a large house collab. In the past, there have been collabs of this style but different musical genre where it’s just one hard-hitting drop that transitions into another and it’s great! I think house is a really diverse genre and so it is easy to accommodate to people’s style. If you are interested comment on this post and we can start something up!


I’m in, and so is my sister. (I told her about this last night.)

I’m down, Wheres the project link?

Future bounce “professional” here. Where’s the action?

Well, I had this mediocre starting point if anyone wants to take it and change it up a bit for themselves and then we can go in order from there.

note-if this isn’t the right vibe I can try another one

@Assasinerd isn’t kidding. He is up there with Justin Mylo and Curbi in terms of future bounce talent. I’m definitely looking forward to his part of the collab.

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Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or nah

I’m being serious.

Ah, I see

So are we making this a future bounce or future house track out of this?

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I think @EVERANGE meant all types of house music. Here’s me and my sister’s part: I believe Noodles made tech house, and I, @Slash, made progressive house. I left @EVERANGE’s part as is. I think @EVERANGE made deep house.
I don’t usually touch other people’s parts but I had to make the track mor cohesive as well as less simplistic sounding. Therefore, I modified your additions a little bit to accommodate. Anyone who wants to go next go ahead :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi :wave:

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That’s all right. I’ll just release the final result with my and Noodles’ part untouched on my own profile, if that’s fine with you.

What’s happening?

Me and @EVERANGE were working some stuff out. @EVERANGE revised me and Noodles’ part to be less simplistic. @EVERANGE said anyone could go next.

I’m going next lmao

Yeah go ahead

Sure if you want :slight_smile: