Hot Girl Bummer - CRASH Remix [Future Bass]

This entire track was made in Auxy. I’m trying to really revolutionize how people use auxy on a day to day basis. I’m reaching the point where my songs don’t even begin to sound like they’re made in this little phone app, but with the help of samples and extremely tedious work, I have created a masterpiece.

I want to show people that auxy has potential for greatness. Just as much as any other DAW.

If anyone wants a separate post containing how and why I chose to do this entirely in auxy. I can also leave the project file for proof.

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  1. That girl is really cute, nice choice
  2. Great job with the vocals, honestly, I really appreciate how you actually changed the wording up, instead of just copying and pasting the vocal file. Great addition. Also thank you for making a clean version of this!
  3. The fills are very nice, simple and effective. Great job on that.
  4. You did pretty well on the chords too

All in all, wonderful track. Keep it up

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To answer your somewhat questions/critiques:

  1. That’s the original photo for the song.
  2. Throwing a little shade to myself, the vocals were already clean when I downloaded the acapella file. On the other hand, I still didn’t just copy and paste the vocals, and I had to do a lot of work with offset and tone to really get the vocals to flow with the song.
  3. Thanks
  4. It’s the same chord progression as the original, but still required a bunch of work.
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  1. Didn’t realize that was the original audio cover, just heard the song on YouTube… she cute tho :woman_shrugging:
  2. Only heard the explicit version, didn’t search for a clean one ;0 very cool
  3. Your welcome
  4. Yeah it sounded familiar, did you look up like… guitar tabs/piano sheet music and copy those? Or do it by ear? Either way good job :+1:

this is really cool, can you post the link? im curious to see how it was all done

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Here’s the project file:

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really cool! how did you manage to cut the samples to length?

So that was the one thing I used any outside source for. I figured out a loophole in the FL Studio demo in which you can just import a file and still be able to export a wav out of it. The thing the demo doesn’t let you do is save anything, but you can still make wav files. I do hav the full version of FL, but I wanted to see if I could do it without.
I forgot to mention this stuff in my original post. But I would definitely recommend just downloading the demo to get that feature.

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oh ok cool!

Smart tactic! Ive done this before in Garagband but its pretty tedious. For our Auxy premium subscribers out there, the subscription gives you an Ableton light license for free! Which honestly has a lot more features than the Ableton demos, you can also splice up your loops and export Wav. files from there, for anyone who is interested.