Horus — Andrew Adams & Voltt

Hey guys! Voltt and I just finished a new track and it would awesome if you guys wanted to take a moment to check it out.



Let’s see, @TXA AND @Andrew_Adams??! Technically I don’t actually have to listen to the song, I already know it’s good.

But…I couldn’t help myself. Great work guys. I really love that “sliding” feel of the beat, and that part starting at around 1:18 sounds really good.

In my opinion this song is a good example of a shift I’m noticing in the Auxy community, where the musicality/professionalism of the sound is just really going up. Feeling more like itunes/Spotify level stuff. coincided with the release of Auxy 5 but I think it’s also that the community is evolving and it’s exciting!


Thanks so much man! Really awesome that you liked it.

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Yeah, thanks so much man! Really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: