Horizons of Being - sp33chless [Dubstep, Bass, Melodic]


I suggest just listening to the tune before reading. Or I fear you might be let down. (;

In all of my music I try to create a dissonance between tension and release, intensity and serenity - the tightrope of happiness we try to balance on through the reality of suffering. In the realm of creativity, my true artistry is in writing, hence the thematic intonations I try to express in my music. However, my conceptual abilities as a writer far exceed my abilities as a producer. But I dream of a day where these two passions can engender something great.

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit in various genres. Trying to find the one I enjoy creating within the most. Implementing vocal chops is very new and any recommendations on how to blend it into the composition better would be awesome.