Hook - by darwinmcd [Synthpop]

May revisit this one in the future, but here is the first draft. And yes…Vince Clarke is my hero. :wink:


Nice! That chorus got me hooked :slight_smile:

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Love the way this is structured, very smooth

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It’s clear that you write in a song style, rather than textural EDM instrumentals – and I think that’s refreshing (writing as someone who has a couple of electro-pop tracks part-written and awaiting lyrics/vocals).

I think the production on this one feels like a throwback to the early '90s, which may be on purpose, but I’m not sure it’s doing the track any favours.

I think the bass sound and drum sound choices are what might be creating the retro pop vibe. Both feel very late '80s/early '90s.

Even so, there’s a strong song idea and good structure in there. :+1: :+1:

Can’t help wondering what it would sound like with a more edgy, contemporary electro-pop production.

Who, besides Clarke, inspires you as writers/producers?

I think Clarke is great, certainly a hugely talented and influential figure in electronic/synth pop, but in my opinion his writing and production style never seems to have evolved well to contemporary settings. Even his more recent stuff with Erasure or his remixes still feels a little ‘of their time’, and would likely mostly (only?) appeal to fans of the knowingly retro end of electro-pop/synth-pop.


OK, having listened to a few more of your tracks, it’s clear to me that you’ve got both feet in the Clarke-esque sound. That’s cool. I won’t make any more comments speculating about making it something it doesn’t want to be. :wink:

Also, you should possibly check out @yaneeck.
He’s a fellow Auxy user working with the (unashamedly) retro synth sound.
Great ear for vibe and structure too.

Could make for an interesting collaboration. Jus’ sayin’ :wink:



That was the idea. :wink:

Thank you sir!

Wow! You read me like a book. I suppose I’m eternally influenced by the music I grew up listening to (dating myself here) and agree Clarke’s more recent work has not resonated with me as much as his earlier wizardry, but every once in a while he’ll whip up a song that harkens back to the glory days :wink:. Alan Wilder has also been a huge influence on me over the years (Depeche Mode, Recoil). Love what he can do with bass sounds, layering and percussion. More recently, I’ve been very enamored by what Tourist has been putting out, especially love his earlier tracks/remixes under the moniker “Little Loud”.

I’ve always followed a certain structure with my songs (intro, verse, bridge, chorus, bridge, repeat…) so they definitely lend themselves to vocals. I guess that’s just what makes the most sense to me, but I’m always open to trying new things. I’m obviously a big fan of heavy bass sounds…that’s what really moves me when listening to a song and I tend to lean toward 80’s/90’s bass sounds (favorite Auxy bass sounds: Panda, Flag and Twig, but still exploring others). I would be thrilled to have others remix my tracks to see where else they could go stylistically.

Following @yaneeck now. Really enjoying his sound (thanks for the recommendation).

Appreciate you taking the time to listen and thank you for the feedback.


No problem.

Fwiw, I’m warming to the track. It’s growing on me. :wink:

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Hi guys,
I just wanted to say that it’s really nice to read good things about my music! To be honest I wasn’t sure how to categorize my tracks, but if you say it’s retro synth style then I guess it is :slight_smile:

Now, a few thoughts from me about the track presented in this thread. I really like drum beat - it’s a catchy rhythm and it makes me feel good. First minute of the track reminds me of Erasure songs.
Besides, the whole track sounds to me a bit like a background for vocal(s) and not the complete/finished piece. Have you already contacted Andy Bell on this matter? :wink:

Here’s an amusing and reasonably good breakdown of certain synth genres.

What is the bloody difference b/w Synthwave & Retrowave?" • r/outrun

It would likely put your stuff as Retrowave (a sub of Synthwave).
I’d go along with that.

Hi Tomasz,

Thank you as well for the positive feedback! As I mentioned earlier in this thread, Vince Clarke was a huge influence on me (mostly Yazoo and early Erasure…”The Circus” is a masterpiece IMO), so that is just the sound that comes out when I pull a song together. You should hear a couple of the ideas I’m playing around with now (unabashedly Clarke sounding). Maybe I’m subconsciously writing the music that I wish Vince would write? Or perhaps Vince is channeling me to write new Erasure music (and I just need to get Mr Bell to do vocals…haha :joy:). The “feel good” effect is what I strive for as that is what certain songs do for me. So, I’m glad to hear you say that :grinning:. To me, the song is complete, but I can totally see how it feels unfinished since the song structure is clearly begging for vocals. I’d be down for that if someone wanted to do it, I just don’t know any vocalists.

I think @akabillposters nailed your style with “retro synth”. It definitely feels old-school and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I love your sound choices and use of delay and the flanging wave sound. Also like how subtle your drums/percussion are. Have you checked out Fantom ‘87? If not, I think you’d like them.

Keep up the good work sir!

lol you have been read by the great @akabillposters


Haha! It would be rude of me not to read what people write, given how much I write myself – and expect others to endure reading :wink:


Oh, yes, I know @Fantom87 ‘s music! I listen to it on Apple Music from time to time. He’s style is very genuine synthwave/retrowave.
Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

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