HOLY MUSTARD - Dadmother (metal track)

EDIT: This track feels like it’s where it needs to be to me, so to the Finished Track thread it goes :grimacing: Thank you to any and all feedback since it’s been posted!

I suppose this is somewhere between a Work In Progress and a Finished Track because this may be the final iteration, BUT I’M NOT SURE YET.


This is one of my most fun attempts at a metal track in Auxy. It’s a take on the more epic, adventurous side of metal, with some thrashy elements. Blast beats, skank beats, breakdowns, solos, everything. I wanted to create good atmosphere, but also make the core of the track very powerful.

This title was a silly working title, but I’m liking it more and more.

Here’s “Holy Mustard”!



My favorite part is 3:06. I like it a lot!

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Thank you, friend!

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Haha this is awesome. I can say I’ve never heard anything like this out of Auxy. I’m a bit of a secret metal head.

Blast beats on point, solo work on point. It almost sounds like it could be a 16bit remix of a metal track.

Vibe at ~2mins is crazy. So good.


Dude, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m a huge metalhead, for sure. A 16-bit epic metal sound is definitely what I was trying to embrace, and I’m truly grateful for the feedback. Thanks again, friend!

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This is insane! Awesome job on this track!

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Thank you so much, friend! It was a lot of fun to make :smiley:

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