HipHop/Rap Producers!

I’ve got many unfinished tracks/loops/ riffs that I would be open to share for some collaborations. I’ll be happy to work with anyone as well if they want to collab, or are stuck with their project! If you’re even just interested don’t hesitate to message me!

Hey I’m into doing this kinda style to I’m down to collab with you I can send some of my tracks and you can send me some of yours and see what we come up with

I don’t really make this style but I’ve been wanting to get into it so i can have a look if you want

Hip-hop/Rap is my jam! I love the idea to share unfinished projects and stuff! I will be an avid participant in this thread!

Ok I’m down! - I made a discord, a lot of people on here use it for this stuff- I’m under the name “ProdByWAVZ #4926

Let’s make some heat :fire:

If you guys want to add me on that app “Discord” (ProdByWAVZ #4926) I can make a group chat for us to send tracks/ ideas :fire:

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Good man :pray:t2: Check my last comment on this thread!

Check my last comment on the thread! :ok_hand:t2:

@WAVZ I sent you a friend request on Discord

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i just friend requested u on discord my name is ONE HUNTER #1550

I’m excited to work with you guys I’m Kevin82 #9303

Anyone else interested here’s the group chat link!