Hexx - Curiosity (Kerfuffle Remix) [2-step]

A remix of Hexx’s track Curiosity.
Hexx - Curiosity (Original Mix)

Kerfuffle Remix

Hope you enjoy.

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10 out of 10 cover art bro

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Whaaaaaat. That was awesome lol. You’re choking the sh!t out of the available sounds in such a dirty good way :fearful:

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Awesome song! But what’s 2 step? Lol sounds like a mixture of dnb, dubstep and futurebass

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Birds of a feather and all that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lmao what??

“Birds of a feather” birds of the same-ish breed flock together. which means all 3 fit very well together.
as for 2-step, it is the predecessor genre of Dubstep. It was to differentiate the difference in UK garage genres. It doesn’t conform to the four to the floor typical UKgarage style.
This IS technically dubstep, but it doesn’t have the upstroke reggae feel, so in order to not tick off dubstep-fanatics I call it a more broader genre.

Thanks for listening, :smiley:




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