Help With Swing


It works with 16th, 24th and 32nds in Auxy.


Doesnt sound clean for 24 and 32 tho


I’ve never noticed it having any effect on 24th notes personally, but I probably haven’t been listening close enough to actually notice it.

Anyway, from my experience, and from my own tests, 10 Swing in auxy equates to approximately 50% of FL studio’s Swing, so it’s most likely around there. An important thing to note is that anything more than 50% Swing in FL studio just starts sounding… wrong? More like really really off. This is just my observations though.




well played sir


Hi, when I export the auxy song in MIDI files, then I think the swing litlle time variations are lost. You just get a midi file with the notes right in place on the grid. So when you import the midi file in LIVE, your music looses all its swing, and it’s a pity… So, in ableton live, you have to recreate the swing with the groove function… Maybe we could ask an option to so that the exported file may keep the swing ?