Help With Swing


I’m not really the greatest at hearing a drum pattern and replicating it some reason. On Auxy I have a track and I am trying to replicate it Ableton. My question is what exactly do the numbers 1-10 mean in the swing setting. I have a track set to 10. What is effected by the swing, and how would I replicate it if I were to re create the track in Ableton?


Swing makes it sound more natural by moving the notes i guess.


i know that the drums sound like

bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

without swing, and with, they sound like this,

bum bumbum bumbum bumbum bum

with swing. i hope you enjoyed my very scientific explanation of swing.

I think this is what swing is, but idk


Care of our wonderful friend @blakkaz -

His diagram is fantastic.


Yeah I’ve checked that out but couldn’t figure out what 3 would be different than 10 swing.
This is on 10 swing. And can’t figure out why it sounds different when I brought it over



Yeah not sure what the numbers in Auxy correlate to in practice… in other software I’ve seen it represented in percentages, ranges are anywhere from 0-75%… so I don’t know if 10 means 100% swing, or 10 means 50%… it’s a nice big black box :slight_smile:


Listening to it again I don’t even know if I can tell it’s swinging haha whatever I’ll figure it out


Thanks I’ll see what I can find


i think swing changes the offset of the second note out of four - more swing = more offset

(if you are in 4:4, then there are 16 notes in a bar, 4 per beat)


This is 3:


This is 10:



in ableton we have like swing 50 to 75, and when the number increases, the sample sounds more and more offbeat. i think it’s pretty much the same in auxy, as the number gets higher, the intensity of the swing gets bigger


Yeah but I think the problem is 3 swing = what swing in Live? Or FL? Or Gadget? Or …


Haha this is great :joy:


It’s easier to notice swing when in melodies and fast playing notes, rather than chords.

Put this on a loop and play around with the Swing.


This might help with your swing


Here is some info I found

I am assuming that sliding the dial more to the right will increase the percentage in which the 16th note will be shifted. I’m not sure of the exact amounts auxy does this by but I believe it is something along those lines. :grin:


Swing affects rhythm. The more the swing the stronger the swung triplet feel


The best way to hear what swing is doing is to create a simple pattern of just 1/16th note hi-hats at 60 BPM and then slowly increase from 0 to 10.

What you’ll hear is that every even note (1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4) will happen later and later as the swing is increased.


So the notes with the offset will be the offbeat 16ths? Or can you do it with 24ths?