Help with song - so alone (WIP)

I’m not done yet but here is the private sc link for it. I would just share project but it uses a sample. Any tips or feedback would be suggested. It’s my first time working with a vocal loop like this :slight_smile:


Neat! The only thing I can think is that since a sample does choke itself you could ride the pitch automation a little bit just to give it some movement. Not crazy like FB whatever vocal chops, but like on some measures have it come in a half or full pitch down then retrigger at normal pitch. Pitching it up might work too but I think for the flow of this track it’d be a little jarring

Yeah. My biggest problem with pitch change is it changes the sample speed. But Ik a work around so I’ll try to see if I can integrate that. Thanks for the feedback! Very appreciated

Yup, no worries! That’s why I’m thinking trigger loop on note 1 at pitch -12, then on next pass re-trigger at normal pitch so that the super slow and low hit is cut off by normal pitched loop. Will take some playing with. Otherwise everything else about the track is cool I like the overall feel

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Interesting. I’m gonna try this. Might be cool