Help With Different Genres

So many amazing Auxy producers have found their genres that they excel at. So… this feed is for people who want help with other genres that they are not necessarily good at (like me with future house, chill, and melodic dubstep). I’d be willing to help people with house, trance, and progressive house. So… help the people who need help!!! :smile:

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Give me a track so I can tell you

Why is everyone posting topics about support right after i do mine… im so unspecial😭 Jk i dont care😂 Im like the top auxy disco user besides lenberg but ya know hes a developer. Aint noone gonna jump ahead of him.

Sorry!!! I had no idea!!!

Its ok!

So does anyone need help with anything?

I could help with Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep tracks.


I honestly cannot get any good Dubstep leads :joy:

Any suggestions for bass fills or anything?

Idk how to explain it. Just use North as a drum and voice-like bass, like Freak, Blob, Bumble, etc. This is the conclusion for me:

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Help me with vapor wave please. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
ALL THE GENRES (at least, on Spotify)
It’s an internet list of nearly any genre

You might find some weird, yet cool ones like
Deep Discofox
Bubblegum Dance
Deep Darkpsy

I really need help with minimal dnb, I find it hard to stay minimal If that makes sense. I’m talking artists like Dub Phizix

Help with more Jazz based tracks, Im learning jazz theory atm.

One thing i noticed about Dub phizix is that he only really uses sort of bass ie. a reese bass: for this use cube and make sure you cut out the high end so bring the lowpass filter down by like 20%. Draw your bass notes on the kick and snare hits, make them last for a beat or so. Add some kinda plucky lead to play a melody during the drop. For the first drop make sure the drop is halftime. Then the second drop make it double time and try make a nice drum pattern.

Edit: You can maybe layer the bass sounds with similar sounding basses, I like to use beam. Also on cube try doubling up on octaves, gives it a nice crunchy texture.

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I love Jazz! I don’t really have a background in melodic music theory, but I do know that you can use the Blues scales to compose a majority of Jazz tracks.

I’d recommend using the Rhodes and Wurli-based sounds available as a huge part of your chord base if you’re really aiming for that Jazzy feel, and if you mess with Twig’s lowpass enough, you can get a sorta slap (which is funk, I know)/contra-bass feel going.

The use of guitars and other strings available (I don’t have those packs, so this is speculation) can also add something more to your tracks if you want that vibe to it. Maybe there’ll be a brass section they can add later, too, for more big-band kinda stuff!

Pianos are also a must. Use Noir, Body or Origin for that full piano sound. Layer it with something else, as a suggestion. Test out sounds, but layering it with something like Lobby can give it something special.

In terms of Jazz track structure… Jazz is a very improvisational kind of genre, so you’re encouraged to find melodies and bars which play around in scales and their harmonic relatives. Odd time signatures are doable if you’re willing to put in time to move stuff around (or you can wait for the possible patch for that because goddamn do I wanna write some good tracks in 5/8 and 7/8 and all those good things).

Otherwise, the genre can be really experimental. Go nuts, man!

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A lot of the OG soundpack’s sounds are built for Dubstep-py kinds of songs, so you can start there. I suggest messing around a lot with Shape and Tone and Lowpass settings to get the desired sound.

Charge tends to be a great set for Dubstep, but really, any combo of drums that have that aggressive punch to them can work well.

I haven’t tried making DnB yet, so I can’t help there.

Do you mean Synthwave? Because Vaporwave is usually just taking an old track, slowing it down and pitch shifting it, and adding a lot of delay.

Synthwave has a lot of arps. Like. A lot. Use minor chord arps or any inversion of them, as a suggestion. Try compress your snares and add reverb to your entire kit. I’m not entirely sure how to explain how the bass works.

Hope that helped.

Awesome! glad to see i was on the right track, I have been ysung blues scales, Ive done several waltz tracks and I have been using pianos, Rhodes n stuff as well!
Thanks for the advise!

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No problem, mate. Glad I could help!