Help Us Test the New Auxy Version!


We are almost ready to ship the next Auxy version, which adds some exciting new features and improvements. We have been testing this version with our beta testers, but before we release it to everyone in the App Store, we want some more people to install it and verify that everything works as expected.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Backup all your projects by copying the iCloud/Auxy folder to some other directory, just in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Download the new version via TestFlight:
  3. Use the new version as usual and let us know in the comments if you find anything that is broken or just hard to understand!



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I’ve posted in the Auxy Collective just as a heads up for everyone



If there’s exciting new features in this BIG update, I can’t find them in the beta. It is nice we can store projects on the device but is that all there is to qualify this as a “big” update?



there’s a lot of changes that make the app easier to use. there’s no huge new features in this beta, but hopefully when the next one comes out, we’ll finally see new stuff (such as being able to use imported samples on the melodic sampler or perhaps more sound design capabilities).

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What are these changes? They’re not jumping out at me



There’s an additional eight rows of sounds in drum kits now, and there’s a much more intuitive way to add and use samples. Apparently samples can now be downloaded across kits as well… a step towards sharable kits?

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The “How To” tab has been renamed to “Subscription”, and you can apparently now import various files direct into auxy.



It’s mostly QOL changes. There’s functionality to delete unused loops, 16 samples per drum channel, samples export with projects so sharing and collaboration will be incredibly easier and more straight forward. There’s Ableton Live set export. Link is mostly fixed.

But yeah I mean, feature wise it doesn’t bring a whole lot of new stuff to the table but it’s enough to get me excited. I’ve never been using it stand-alone (I know you don’t use apps as islands either) so it’s all good.



Ok I’m testing it out I’ll let you know if there are any glitches. I’ll screen record every time in the app also.



Guess I didn’t look in the drum kits. Pretty cool though you can now basically do your drum layering within one drum track with all those extra slots. I’m sure many of you will be super pleased with that



you’re gonna love this, folks

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This is awesome

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Maybe I should rephrase this a bit… It’s a big update from a technical point of view since the sample and project handling has been completely rewritten. If it doesn’t feel that different, that’s a good thing because that means it just works as expected. Projects work very similar to before on the surface, but importing samples has a lot of improvements.

In addition to the sample and project features, there are lots of smaller fixes and improvements. (hint)



Indeed, this was the intention.



no memealert, maybe next year :pensive:

on another note, having more drum sample space is absolutely cracking, verrry niceee

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I must confess, I´m a bit disappointed because I had hoped that the update would include midi in. Sound- and handling-wise Auxy is much better than many other music apps. But many competitors have midi-in and midi-out. And also the sequencer should include an additional setting which is better to see compared with the black/grey window. Depending on which machine Auxy is running, the contrast is not good enough.
Best regards

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Honestly, colored drum kits are a huuuuuuuuuuuge step up. It pleases me even more that my projects can be technicolor rainbows of joy!

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