Help us get our App Store ratings back after Apple's reset


As you probably know, Apple has revamped the App Store as part of the iOS 11 release. Unfortunately, Apple has reset the ratings for some apps. This means we don’t have enough ratings to show our score in most countries.

So could you help us add some ratings by simply opening the app store page and tapping the “stars” to rate (below the screenshots and description)?

Here’s a quick link:



I rated five.


No pressure! :wink:

And thanks!


my rating system is broken or something, i’ll have to call and get that fixed since I haven’t been able to review anything using my apple id ever. Once I get that fixed by Apple I will be dropping by the app store to leave a 5 star review and some kind words!


What happens if you tap the stars? Have you tried logging out of your app store account and then back in again?


Oh my gosh it let me :frowning: Apparently your “nickname” cannot be one name it has to be two (such as first and last) or else it won’t submit. Wow

pinned #7


Rated and reviewed


Thanks! Were you kind? :slight_smile:


Of course! 5 stars and a consideration. I said that it is the best music production app on the App Store, and I didn’t lie


Awesome! Ratings and reviews are really helpful for us, so it’s a good way to support if you like what we do.


Ten out of ten would make music again
But wait, I can!


I updated my review for the new version, 5 stars as always.


Done - 5 stars - good review


Thanks everyone!


Off course 5 stars!


I got u fam


This is always helpful in case you haven’t rated the current version!


Voted 5 stars again


DONE. :star::star::star::star::star: