Help Please. (David Naha - Cathedral)

Hello Auxy fam,

Hello, can you help me compromise this weird click you randomly hear on kick drums? It’s obvious when listening on a computer. Thanks fam.

please help me compromise.

(Note: I mixed them via iPhone 5s(not fully updated due to storage) with the help of Sony WH-700N headphones; have no monitoring speakers)

Project File:




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That’s weird…

The click? Ikr, I separated the kick and the rest, everything sounded fine till I mixed them. Something’s up.

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What click?


It’s obvious when listening from a computer, or Logic X.

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Ah, okay.
I’ll listen in my studio next time.

How big is your studio?

Not big at all.
It doubles as my bedroom.
I just call it a studio because of how much I’ve spent on it.

Ah, yes. The old mix of “bedroom producer” and “rich musician with a studio”

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Exactly. :joy: