Help on improving my track

I needed some help on this track if anyone was willing to help

What packs do you have? If you have some of the recent packs, there are some nice basslines and are totally worth the $5.

Don’t have any yet lol but gonna get some fairly soon

Give me a few days I can work on something

I have all the packs

I think you tried to write a 3/4 time song in 4/4.
Try to change everything to triplets, it will probably sound much better.

Thnx everyone

I have one question, what is the name of your song?

I just went with stand Off but might think of a better name later

That change did help thanks!

Here i’ve added my toutches all it needed was a little rearranging of the the notes, a speed up and BASS

Oh and every song needs artwork, i got you covered

And stand off is a great name for this song

(I maxed out on post, i used adobe spark for mobile its free and i can help)
Heres that build up

Lmao thanks so much man

Hey btw what did u use to make the cover art? And I had one song that I need help getting the build up right if u can help me with that

I am still Autrix this is my alt account.

I helped out with the ending. And tweaked the leads and bass. Sounds more dubstep-ish.