Help on completing songs/challenge

I had a bunch of songs that I won’t finish if anyone wants to have fun with them!

First two are longish last two are short

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The third one is especially nice

I’ll look at them!

What’s so funny?

Oml… im so sorry​:joy::joy: i cant believe that happened i didnt at all mean to text you that

Oh ok hah

Hey i saw your track got featured the other day congrats on that man!

I still can’t believe it

How did you get your song featured anyway? Like do the moniters look on Beat the clocks or just search through soundcloud? Ive always wondered how they did that

The cool dudes at Auxy contacted me through Soundcloud and asked if they could feature it.

Thats pretty neat👍🏻 Welp ill catch ya later! Keep on rockin!

Cya later

I did the thing to the third one


And I continued his thing continuing your thing.

Hope you don’t mind, it inspired me and I loved that fat bass line, yooooo.

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Anyone want to see if they can remake this in auxy it will be hard