Help me think of some sort of professional artist bio for my Spotify

20 characters is the new limit are you kidding me

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This is pretty professional:

I am a duck that makes music. Quack, quack.


Produk is a music producer from *insert where you are from- who produces future bass as well as a few other genres. He first gained recognition with *insert your first popular song- and is always working hard on improving his skills and putting out quality tracks. He currently uses the mobile DAW, Auxy Studio to produce his tracks.

Idk something like that


Produk is a duck. He/she/it loves to make music with wubs in it. Enjoy.

Produk: a duck who knows his wubs.


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stop quacking me up

Wait, does this affect existing bios? Or you kidding bro?

Produk is a duk producer who is pioneering the dukbass Future bass genre.

Wow that was redundant.

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For starting a topic

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E S K E T I T - lil pump