Help me finish this beat

I’ve had this beat for ever and haven’t really done anything with it since I made it

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with

Here ya go

This is all I could do
Thanks for sharing your project

Thanks both of you for remixing my track, didn’t think anyone would

This is what I have. I hope you’ll enjoy!

@AzureOnyx love it, thanks man. Sounds amazing

Sounds like geometry dash music lol :+1:t2:

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@Phoenix it does lol

Hey @LxM @Otzsil and @AzureOnyx can I upload your songs as an album on my sound cloud

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Sure, I don’t mind at all


I don’t really care

Go ahead!

Thanks, I’ll put your names in the description

I forgot to tell you
I’ve created an extended version of my remix.
Use this one instead

@AzureOnyx ohhhhhh, I’ll add it to the album and delete the old one

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