Helixx @ guitar night presents the fabulous 80s video

The video is finally out https://youtu.be/DRxmN-MEM2o


great job man! transitions on point!

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Thanks my dude

Dude thats awesome!!

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You bet it is


You looked far less nervous than I did when starting out… :blush:

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Good job ! I got to play in front of an audience one time only, in high school. It was a lot of fun. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna get to play live anywhere again so take these opportunities as much as possible.


I may have looked calm but I was actually really nervous

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You can hit up clubs and stuff and they might let you play

Yeah, it’s more a problem of finding the time now with a full time job, kids etc etc. Therein lies the rub haha.

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You can’t get gigs if you don’t try

This is sick!

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50 songs