HELIXX @ Guitar Night: From our home to yours

Wow!! 2 virtual show announcements in a row!!! This year guitar night will be on zoom. The show will be streamed 3 times and I will be playing 2 sets: waiting room and intermission. I’ll keep you all posted when I’ll be live.





Oh thanks for telling me

But cool, be sure to post link when it’s ready

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when your cat walks on your keyboard


Audio for Friday and Saturday

Audio for Sunday

https://youtu.be/82uNLCOhneo Video for Friday and Saturday

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Good job fella! High energy mix. Traktor? Or something else?

Anyway well played good use of the Launchpad!

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The software I used is virtual dj

Awesome, either way kudos, very commendable job and good to see folks putting together stuff like this to share

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Thx, get ready for the second and final video tomorrow

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