Helixx - fruity (progressive house)

Finally it’s out check it out and give me feedback, if you give me feedback I will give you feedback https://soundcloud.com/dubby-dubstep-1/fruity


Careful with the drop dude- You really overloaded the scratchy bass and not enough lead and chord to kick through. The drop in general is kinda dry and not really preferable. I like the melody and nice on the sidechain though

Sorry if that hurt a little, I was just giving some constructive feedback :slight_smile:

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Agreed. The bass during the drop is too scratchy for my liking. It’s sorta like an annoying static sound. Maybe lower its tone or shape, that is, if you used those parameters.

I also feel that some chords would really elevate this track to a higher level. The lack of depth in the drop kinda disappointed me when I heard it.

The main melody is, however, certainly “fruity.”

Remember, none of this is meant to downgrade your track. It’s just a guy using his free time to listen to fellow Auxians’ tracks. :slight_smile:

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I pretty much agree with Voltt and ChiefBC. I really like the fruity melody, but the bass doesn’t fit it… too harsh, scratchy. Maybe Lake from Vivrant would fit, or perhaps Barber from RAC. Something soft and groovy.

I also think the song sounds a little empty, and some chords would fix that.

Really like use of sweeper on this track btw.

Nice job overall! Just think there’s a couple things that could be fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not offended at all, I appreciate the honesty

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Thanks for the feedback

It was supposed to be a progressive house track

It’s on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0uGniveb43OsxYVhlUYvjT?si=_CN03ztHQ8yoQXO2Jfy4LQ

With that Bassline, I think it’s more Electro House.