Helixx - ? [album announcement, Due 04 Mar 2020)

I have some good news and some bad news,the good news is that I am announcing an album, the bad news is that’s it’s going to be in 2020. I Am working on it but you guys have to be patient, it would be worth it. I’ll see you all in 2020 :ok_hand:t2:.


Just trying to revive this so people know this exists

In case we’d forgotten you in the space of 1hr 45mins?

Are you serious about the 2020 release?


Yeah I don’t really know if this is a joke or not. I think most people are in the same boat.

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Yes I’m serous

I’m serous

Why would I lie about that

Ok cool. It’s just a ways out in the future, that’s all. But agreed with @akabillposters I don’t know that it’s necessary to bump after only 1.5 hours or so. But sounds good


tbh, seems a little odd, imo, given that your taste as a music maker and writer and certainly your production ability will evolve significantly in that time.

By time you get close to the 2020 release (in 8–20 months from now), the tracks you finished earliest might well not sound as good as the later/latest stuff, compromising the overall quality of the album.

If you’re having trouble putting together an album’s worth of material, it might make more sense to forget about the album for now and stick to releasing singles and EPs for the next year.

Then, once you’ve really developed your sound and ideally and built up your audience*, start writing entirely new material for an album based on where your tastes and abilities are at that time.

I’d certainly recommend taking a look through the articles I’ve been posting in this thread.
It’ll give you some ideas about release schedules and strategies.

I kinda understand why people seem to focus on the album as the thing they want to do. It feels like a substantial achievement. But, imo, (based on the research I’ve been doing into the subject), I now think that people should stop obsessing about releasing an album early on – and build up to it with Single and EP releases.
(I’m not counting SoundCloud as releases.)

* Your Follower numbers don’t really tally to your play counts. Tbh, I’m not sure if you have a shedload of bots following or you’ve bought a bunch of followers. Either way, however you got those Followers, they’re not translating into plays yet.


I’m setting a late date because I want all 12 of my tracks to sound as good as they can possibly sound

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Kudos to you for putting your all into your upcoming tracks! Look forward to hearing them.


Will you be releasing any Singles (and EPs) in the meantime?

(Curious to know about your Follower numbers.)


I want all 12 of my tracks to sound as good as they can possibly sound

Will you be using other tools besides Auxy?

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Of course I will

Nope 100% auxy

That’s good.

So, this thread is basically you announcing ‘business as usual / nothing is changing’.



I want all 12 of my tracks to sound as good as they can possibly sound [in Auxy]

Fair enough. :slight_smile:



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If anyone ever compiled a book that was a collection of all of your posts on this thread, I’m certain it’d break world records for length

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Lenberg pays me by the word. :wink: