Heartless - Zeph (4th addition to album)


I don’t have a name for the this type of style, but it has trap groovy drums, strong melodic lead, interesting future bass chord progression, and a dark drop.

I currently have 7 other songs that I am planning on releasing in the near future for my album that are somewhat similar to this song and the previous 3 songs I have posted on my SoundCloud, so stay tuned! They are a deviation from my current future bass style, but I hope you enjoy them.

Penguin is that lead right? I never liked that instrument. It fits though, so, nice. Cool melody coming in! WOAH THAT DROP!! Tiiight. And those strings!!! Oh God, that’s so cool! Lol! You really are “Heartless” with this drop, man. Sorry, had to do it to ‘em. Nice song bro!

Uniqueness: 9/10
Predictability: 8/10
Complexity: 9/10
Use of Instruments/Automation/Samples: 9/10
Feeling: 10/10 :clap:

Overall: 45/50 Impressive as always

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