Have you met some good friends via Auxy Disco?




Woah. I didn’t realize I was such a good friend! Thanks so much guys!!


What did you do?!


Lemme just take this chance to flexx

I’m not sorry


You should be


You need air pods and a minimum of at least 2 Rolex’s. As well as 50 dollar chains and weird pants with wholes in it that instead of making you look rich actually makes you look like a bum living in the L.A dumpsters.


I own all of that and a gucci wallet


Gotta have that gucci


Do I know you? :open_mouth:


That’s sad


Umm… not personally, but you’ve made an impact on my music career in the forum significantly


We are one big happy family. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh and @AnirudhKhanna for sure


back when I was vulture i had respecc now am lowlife


Thx man! Even tho I ask for feedback :wink:


Yes I did:

@SUFOS - We did so many amazing collabs.He showed me a lot of his amazing songs!

@El1011 - He has been really supportive about dubstep music in FL (That’s why I’m trying to keep my future tracks some life :))

@Hum4n01d - He is been a fan ‘till this day (Insert Classic xlima comment here :wink:)

@TheRealJFalc - He is telling everyone what to do in our tracks to keep them better and he’s leaving a lot of useful information in a lot of posts here

I’m horrible at memorizing a lot of people like @El1011 but if some people will remember that then they will remember these times when some people and I started producing music :wink:


Everyone here is my friend!

In all honesty though, I was drawn into this community through this forum, but some of my closest friends I met on various community discord servers.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ping anyone :stuck_out_tongue:


You know who you are :wink: