Have you met some good friends via Auxy Disco?


This is similar to another topic, but it isn’t. I’d like to specially thank @Bastyon, @Genesis_auxy, @The_Osprey, and @icelight for making my new life as a producer a great experience. What about you guys? Any good friends that you’ve met here?

Cheers :smiley:


Yes I have!

I’ve met a lot of really friendly members of the community, including @GreyOldTwit , @El1011 , and @Ch33t4h .

Thank you @INDIR3CT for your feedback!

@NeXus and @Lex , it’s been fun collabing with you!

And finally, thank you @The_Osprey for being really supportive.


Most of the people I’d consider good friends who I would talk with on a regular basis don’t really use the disco anymore, but the ones who still do would be @Kerfuffle, @arimyth and @ToxicCaves64. Over the last year and a half, many have come and gone from both here and other places where we’d contact eachother.


ayyy thanks m8.






Thank you! @kheeshKP :grin:. You’ve opened my eyes to a lot of musical opportunities aswell!




@Cornea @Hexx to name a few


yeah, i’ve made quite a few friends on the disco, such as @MrSerpent, @Hexx, @Arimyth, @Thrashie, @joshuatuworldwide, and @Matik.

back when i went by the name “vectr”, i was also friends with @stereofield and @aUstin_Haga although we haven’t talked much since then sadly😓. hopefully we can start talking again soon…

(sorry for all the pings!!!)

oh damn i really forgot @TheRealJFalc


@Arimyth @aUstin_Haga @GlacialViper @NotMiles @AnirudhKhanna @OsharuPerez Just to name a few


@akabillposters ah :poop: wait a sec…


@Mr_Mooo @AnirudhKhanna @El1011, @Hexx, @Mr_Mooo(again), @AnirudhKhanna(again), @El1011(again), and @Hexx(again) !!

My only GOOD friends vía Auxy Disco!

Everyone else treats me like a loser who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing with his music! :boom: :muscle: :boxing_glove: :joy:


You too @Hexx : D



These comments are phenomenal. I love how this community is so civil, and I wish larger services like YouTube were like this. :smile:


And I’d also like to add that this is a great little community where everyone knows each other.


I’ve interacted with a lot of people around here and definately have met some new people I would consider friends. I’d like to s/o @OsharuPerez who reached out to me for my first collab ever, @Xlimator for always having something cool to show (and asking for feedback), and @icsleepers for being the cool dad around here.

uhhhh im terrible with remembering who people are without looking them up so i apologize to everyone i always interact with and didnt mention


@NeXus @Ch33t4h @Tolberto @Jax thanks for the feedback!
@Tree thanks for the awesome collab
@Genesis_auxy your just :ok_hand:


@aUstin_Haga @OsharuPerez @DJ_La_Rocca @Hexx @stereofield
All are super supportive of my mediocre music


Your all ‘hexxing’ Me out a bit.