Have you ever hummed a really good song in your dream?




GUYS! It literally just happened to me! I just woke up, and I had a dream I was editing an auxy project, and when I was browsing through my auxy projects this morning, I couldn’t find it. And now I can’t remember it…


Your video/audio/whatever you call it isn’t playing.


Well I couldn’t do anything else sadly…


Ok, so I just had a dream like two nights ago, and I remember hearing a really good melody and then I heard a really bad melody. But I didn’t remember either of these when I woke up!


Almost every night, before I go to bed I hum a melody, sometimes I sing lyrics sometimes I don’t and then It’s just a matter of whether I want to get up and write the lyrics on a sticky note or not…My laziness usually wins :joy:


Usually i have lyrics that sound great in my head, but when i sing them, they make no sense and most of the time dont even rhyme. and that usually happens at 3:00 in the morning, so its rare for me to even remember what they are.


I had a dream and I was with friends in a room and knew it was a dream and I said to one of my friend “this is a dream” and he was laughing