Have you ever hummed a really good song in your dream?

(This is a pretty random topic) but…

Ok so I had a dream last night where I was at my friend’s house for some reason and I was playing around with Auxy (for some reason I also was using an iPhone X… I don’t have one irl) and I was humming about a seriously good song. I had chords and everything, including the percussion, nailed in my head in my dream, and then I wanted to start making the song into an actual project.

Then comes the weird part, and I got interrupted by other weird dream-stuff and then I eventually woke up this morning. Now, I remember a little bit of the idea, but I’m having a lot of trouble remembering what the chords and everything were. (I’m not making this crap up, it actually happened to me in a dream)

Also it reminds me of the Vivrant pack video on the Auxy YouTube channel where Jeremy Olander talks about people waking up in the middle of the night with melodies in their head.

Has this ever happened to you guys? It’s a really really weird question, but I’m just curious now…


This has happened to me, but i usually forget the melodies before i wake up, but i remember that i heard one.




And that’s sad.


omg that happens to me a lot i have dreams about me making really good songs that’s i can her in my dreams and then when i wake up i can’t remember how they went


Well I’m kinda happy rn because I have the whole track that was in my dream. (It’s 1 min long) :slight_smile: but don’t worry @Mr_Mooo we will remember even better melodies in our dreams :wink:


I can’t say that’s happened to me, but wow that sounds really cool!

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I’ve heard songs often in my dreams. Usually piano. Probably since I have a playlist of piano songs I play softly to help me sleep xD

Used to be a playlist of Fall Out Boy songs. Often when I was about to wake up, I’d hear the songs playing and the dream would morph around them. From me singing along to it to it being heard in a professional orchestra theatre (this was for the piano songs though). My dreams are always kinda weird, though.


The interesting thing about this is that i can only think of Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny.

The story behind the song reminds me of this.

So I had a summer dream.I was dreaming about tropical stuff and I was here xD and I heard this beat and I somehow memorized it and I made this.Hope you enjoy this.Plz tell me if that’s good.I need feedback on this xD


This might be one of my favorite posts on the disco. Yes, this is a real phenomenon, and yes, this has happened to me, and yes, I’m really excited about this for some reason.

I’ve had anywhere from simple melodies to full melody / bass / drum combos run through my head while partially / fully lucid. 90% of the time I’d forget these melodies as by the time I actually got to writing them down, I wouldn’t be able to remember them anymore (I believe it’s something to do with the transition from a semi-conscious state with greater access to the subconscious mind to a more fully conscious state).

Anyway, the beauty of a mobile studio is, I can sleep with an iPad / iPhone next to me and immediately get ideas down as I have them. I’ve woken up at anywhere from 3-5 in the morning with some song idea I’ve had while lucid and immediately put it down with almost no loss in clarity.

So with everything impressive about Auxy and how powerful it is on a mobile device, I think the true wonder comes from that portable nature and being able to take music composition with you everywhere.


I’ve had that exact same thing happen, chords, melody, and all happen twice and it’s wonderful bliss until you can’t remember it to put it in the works…


ok tell me how to achieve lucidity please ive tried multiple times to figure it out to no avail


Tell yourself that you are dreaming in real life, and then you’ll do it in your dreams

The way that I’ve done it started when I was really young. I used to have nightmares all the time when I was a lot younger and the way I fixed this was by trying to recognize that I was in fact having a nightmare and then once I did realize it, I would repeat “just open your eyes - wake up” to myself and try my hardest to physically open my eyes. Kinda hard to describe, but it got me out of a lot of bad dreams.

However, I realized that I can tell when I’m actually in a dream—most of them have the same weird characteristics and if I manage to “step back” in my dream, then I can understand what I’m doing. Also, I have to try and be careful not to get too excited because then I’ll just wake up and the dream is ruined.

Idk how to actually start recognizing that you’re in a dream, but I could say that if you have a weird dream and you remember it when you wake up, just implant in your mind that the memory you have was in fact a dream. Over time, you should be able to recognize when you have a dream based on some patterns of your past memory.

Then, once you’re actively in a dream and you recognize what’s going on, it becomes like normal living, except you just have to physically think of what you want to do and think of what you want to happen.

Good luck!

for a music forum, this post is so out of place lmao


You are an absolute legend.

btw is this where you got the title for your song Lucid? As well as how it sounds? ;3


I’ve only have one expirence where I was lucid and partially conscious. I remember I woke up from a dream and opened my eyes, then the walls of my room folded and I sank through and fell out of my bed into another dream. I wish I could force lucid dreams…

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Well clearly you need an iPhone X to unlock the melody within ur mind


Yep. I had a dream about geometry dash ( mostly because I play it way too much ) and I was playing a level with a song I’d never heard before - made with Auxy - and I’m slowly making it into a full track to this day :]


Every time I try to lucid dream it doesn’t work. In my dream I end up “realizing” im in a dream, but I still do random stuff that I otherwise would have done in real life. Or I’ll say, “oh I’m in a dream!” And then I’ll keep on doing whatever I was doing before in my dream. It’s not really lucidity and it isn’t very fun…

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I’ve had similar experiences but more waking up with an awesome masterpiece going off in my head which eventually died out never to be heard again :frowning: but yeah tahts very interesting!

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