Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


Heey! Your getting there!


Idk if they have even seen my songs😂


RIP im still waiting on a repost

It’ll happen one day.


I doubt anyone listens to my songs except for @Hum4n01d, @Graye, @Mr_Mooo and @OsharuPerez, those guys are awesome :hugs:


Well, yeah!!
Your music is awesome!

And so are you!!


Ya your songs are awesome, especially considering the small amount of sounds you have.:+1:


You rock bro!


You’re awesome! I love ur songs


damn i finally got one


Finally got one : D


No because I don’t post future bass


Not yet…

y e t


Nope, and :auxy: never will, because I make :poop: content! :wink:


That’s not true, you make great songs🙂


In all fairness, I’ve had drum and bass, alternative electronic and glitchy / IDM type stuff reposted. So it’s not like only that stuff is picked up.


lmao if my trash song got reposted I’m sure one of yours will :sweat_smile:


I’ve only uploaded like 5 tracks, i don’t expect to be reposted anytime soon lol


Lol nah. Used to be a goal of mine but than i realized one could be the best at auxy and never get noticed or reposted, not bitter, it’s just not something I think is worth my time grinding for.


As of today I’ve had 1 repost of a song just by me and I’ve had 4 reposts of songs by me and others (collabs).


Never been liked or reposted by them. Probably cus my music is so generic lol :sweat_smile: