Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


Well I haven’t been reposted in months tbh


1.5k? Or actually one and a half.


My tracks Ice cream, Shadows,Altitude,Dusk,Mayo and Echo Have been reposted.
This track Neo wasnt really “featured”, but It got on a playlist on the app homepage, which Is kinda cool.

Don’t give up my dudes, you all have amazing musical talent!


I used it for 3 years until I made cureless pain. Moral of the story: Rome wasn’t built in a day, practice makes perfect. Give it time
My dude, perfection only comes if your persistent and if music is your passion then it will come to you in no time!


auxy reposts every few months so you should be g


0 reposts, and a couple of likes by certain users here, but never been reposted. If anything, I reposted other songs…and here I am, like a hopeless loser hoping that Auxy will recognise the “amazing” work I’ve put into a song, and repost, or even hit like! But, never happened. And probably never will…not for someone who posts trash and cringe material like me…


Take out those last few parts. If you think like that, you actually might not have a chance of getting better.



good point tho


Well, I know I’ve improved…
Just not enough to catch Auxy’s attention…


Changed my vote from No, prob never to No, cause image
Im close.


I never get noticed anyways…


Y’all keep thinking Auxy’ll never notice you guys when your music is freakin’ awesome. Trust me, everyone who’s said that: you will get a repost if you practice and try your best.

Just some food for thought. :upside_down_face:


Just one and a half! :slight_smile:


i thought you meant overall… :joy:


i feel like i’d have a better chance at getting a release on an actual label before i would in getting an auxy repost lol


When everyone said your P O W remix would get a repost :sob: still not even listened to by auxy yet


I’ve gotten one like on a song I thought was good at the time I made it

Spoiler: It wasn’t


Ehh, maybe? I don’t think so though


I’ve been doing it all wrong this whole time


OMG Auxy liked another one of my songs.
Invigorate was the first and now Sing For You…


But still no repost yet :frowning: